We aspire to be a part of every Indian home and build products that are most loved and most used.


Sturlite was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: To offer Fast moving electrical goods at the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience.

Sturlite brings energy to life through and extensive range of electrical and lighting solutions that deliver unmatched pricing & performance to our customers

The company was started in 2009, by Shri Sanjay Jain and Shri Mukesh Jain by venturing into the industrial cables segment. The company ventured into the retail segment in 2011, with the complete launch of a range of electrical wires and cables.

The lighting segment was started in 2014, with launch of diverse range of LED products ranging from Indoor and Outdoor segment. By 2019, the company established good footprint in western and southern market of India, by introducing quality & innovative lighting and wires & cables products at the aspirational price segments.

In 2020, the company further expanded product categories to include Switches & Accessories like doorbells, spike guards, flex boxes and also in to Switch gears like MCB's and DB's. Sturlite supplies the above state-of-the-art products to residential, commercial and construction industries.

Lighting For All of Life's Moments
We have the products to shine a light on all of life’s most important moments. Our innovative lighting solutions cover a wide range of uses – from outdoor lighting on college campuses where our products light the way to a new student’s first night class, to assisted living facilities where the wide range of needs are met through the trusted quality of our products, to highways where our lights remind you not to miss your exit. Our portfolio can help you to illuminate the moments that become lasting memories. All lighting products are BIS marked.

Electrical Wires for every segment of the market
Sturlite offers electrical wires for every segment of the market. Each wire is manufactured using more than 99.97% pure electrolytic grade, bright annealed bare copper with more than 100% conductivity. The conductor, made of multiple strands of finely drawn copper wires, offers great flexibility making it ideal for conduit wiring. The wires are insulated with a flame retardant (FR) PVC compound, using special grade PVC resin. The wires are ISI marked

Our Values

Our values reflect the manner in which we run our business: our professional ethics in dealing with our business partners, investors, employees, and society.

Our Process

Our product development cycle takes 60-90 days from ideation to launch, to ensure that your customer experience is unique and unmatched. A simple 3 step cycle: Input - Development - Refine & Launch

We identify your needs as a customer via channel and product review insights.

We engineer a functional design that fits your needs, by optimising across the value chain, from product specifications, design, supply chain to packaging.

We test the value proposition by conducting a test launch of the newly designed product and refine the design and positioning based on the feedback collected.

We combine these insights with a market attractiveness check that involves studying the category size, competition mapping, etc.

We then conduct a pre-launch quality testing to bring to you a product that greatly benefits you.

Once we are satisfied with the results, the product is launched for you to buy, order and use. We continuously collect and analyse the feedback, improving every product to better serve you.